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Welcome to R&D Lawn and ​Landscaping Co.

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Having a green lawn is a mark of pride for many homeowners. A beautiful, lush, and natural-looking lawn becomes a big part of how they come to define “home.”

When you consider your own landscaping options, there might be some decisions on whether to hire professional lawn care or if you can do it yourself. This article will outline some of the basic considerations you’ll face so you can approach do-it-yourself lawn care with confidence.

Every solid project requires a good foundation. The foundation for a good lawn is the soil in which it grows. If you have soil issues, you will have lawn issues. Perform a soil test for your lawn soil. This will give you valuable information on what your soil has and what you need to add to it.

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Lawn Care Tips

Keep your lawn beautiful year-round with lawn care tips for every season

✓ Think of Your Soil as Alive
✓ Test Your Soil First, Buy Nutrients Later
✓ Grow the Right Grass
✓ Fertilize Your Lawn with Kitchen and Yard Waste
✓ Listen to Nature’s Messengers (Weeds)
✓ Try a Kindler, Gentler Approach to Pests
✓ Reduce Your Lawn Watering by 70 to 100%.
✓ Irrigation

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 Since our establishment in 2010, R&D Lawn and Landscaping Co. has been the go-to lawn and landscaping company for commercial properties in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk.

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We offer Commercial and Residential Landscape Services in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, and Hampton and surrounding areas!

✓ Mowing
✓ Landscaping
✓ Snow Removal
✓ Edging
✓ Leaf Removal
✓ Land Grading
✓ Bush Hogging

✓ Drainage
✓ Pruning
✓ Aeration
✓ Seeding
✓ Fertilization
✓ Mulching
✓ Pest Control

✓ Commercial Ground Maintenance
✓ Residential Ground Maintenance
✓ Fall Cleanup
✓ Spring Cleanup
✓ Stone
✓ Sod